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Welcome IFA friends!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 71st IFA Congress.

The 2017 Congress will take place between August 27 and September 1, in the world-renowned city of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio is a truly unique location, combining the attributes of being one of the most famous international tourist destinations as well as serving as a focal point in the country and the region for several key economic markets, such as the oil & gas and telecommunication industries.

The welcoming environment and the touristic infrastructure of the city have led it to be chosen as the host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2016.

The 71st Congress will be held at the Windsor Convention & Expo Center, a recently built state of the art facility, which, in addition to the convention center, boasts two hotels internally connected to each other.

The entire structure is located literally across the street from the beach, and at very short distances from other hotels and shopping/entertainment areas in Tijuca Forest, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. In cooperation with IFA’s Permanent Scientific Committee (PSC) we have prepared an exciting and informative programme for the Congress, covering the main subjects which allow for a healthy debate among all those attending the event.

Participants, as well as the accompanying persons, will also enjoy a wide variety of social events and tours throughout (and eventually beyond) our beautiful city.

We also hope you take some time before or after the congress to get to know other areas of the country - breathtaking pre and post congress tours will be offered for participants and their family members.

President:  Gustavo A. M. Brigagão
Members:  Ana C. Akie Utumi
                   André Gomes De Oliveira
                   Carlos Adolfo Teixeira Duarte
                   Carlos H.Bechara
                   Flávia Cavalcanti
                   Marcos André Vinhas Catão
                   Roberto Duque Estrada


International Fiscal Association

Established in 1938 with its headquarters in the Netherlands.
It is the only non-governmental and non-sectoral international organisation dealing with fiscal matters.

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Brazilian Association of Financial Law

Founded in February 1949 by a group of taxation specialists led by Gilberto de Ulhôa Canto and which included, among others, Erymá Carneiro, Tito Rezende and Rubens Gomes de Sousa.

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